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Fashion Statements takes whatever the garment industry needs, or has in its repertoire, and manipulates it for maximum visual impact. For example: * The ubiquitous polo shirt, or blazer, is infused with a brilliant red design. * The polo shirt becomes a monochrome sport jacket. * The brown polo shirt becomes a commando brown. * … Read more

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One of the simplest and easiest ways to create all kinds of themes is to use a third-party theme management tool. In this article we’ll take a look at one of the most popular and flexible ones: the MacApp theme manager MacApp Launch Bar. What makes it stand out from its competition is that it … Read more

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Remote SMS is a program that sends SMS texts from your PC to a selected mobile phone number. The messages can contain text (more than 160 characters) and any multimedia file (images, PDF, XLS, HTML, movies, music and so on). Remote SMS can receive text messages too. Main features: – Send SMS messages to selected … Read more

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An image editor & animation tool for MS WORD that provides an advanced graphic interface. You can create, manipulate and edit images & animation as if they were drawn on paper. Insert, paste, delete and duplicate images. Resize and rotate images, modify colours and effects, apply different effects (morphing and various effects), draw curves and … Read more

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– allows to easily create unlimited Notification Events by using the icons of your installed programs that you think they correspond better for the reason you want to be notified for. – will notify you with a sound, a Tray tip, and by changing its Notification area and Taskbar icon for 10 minutes with the … Read more

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* Easy way to make certain modifications to names of files on your computer (adding words, changing the case, prefixing or suffixing text, etc.). You can also choose to keep the original file name and/or move the file to a new folder. * Can rename many files at once. * Robust and reliable. * Retains … Read more

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Jello Dashboard is a Getting Things Done (GTD) solution for Microsoft Outlook. Set it up into your Outlook as a folder homepage and work with your existing Microsoft Outlook data using the popular Getting Things Done methodology. KEYMACRO Description: Jello Dashboard is a Getting Things Done (GTD) solution for Microsoft Outlook. Set it up into … Read more