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Customizable to suit your own personal needs.
Makes use of your existing credit card accounts with the interest rate constantly updated to reflect the current market.
Gives you the current balance and the number of payments remaining for your credit card or cards.
Makes it easy to see which cards are nearing expiry or even gives you the option to transfer a balance to a new card so it is easier to pay off.
You can use this card calculator for your own personal use, even if your credit card is with another company. However, this would need to be under the terms of use of the bank.
In the first place, you can use this application in the event that you have an existing credit card and would like to find out how much you can save by paying off credit cards earlier, how much you can save by switching to an alternative current credit card, and calculate the amount that you will save if you transfer an existing balance to a new card, and calculate the total number of payments needed to pay off credit cards quickly.
Once you have got the calculations on hand, you will be in a better position to look into refinancing a credit card.
Using this application will help you to pay off credit cards earlier, in larger amounts or by switching to alternative current credit cards, so you can reduce your credit card payments.
This will also help you to reduce your interest rate on credit cards. If you have an existing credit card account and have found that you can reduce your credit card payment amounts by paying them off earlier, you should definitely consider refinancing your credit card to save more money.
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1. Travel your computer to the comfort of your own couch and stay awake as you work.
2. Protect your most valuable data. Espresso is designed to not allow your computer to go to sleep or enter hibernation.
3. Espresso notifies your computer if it begins to enter sleep mode or hibernation.
4. Espresso will stay awake while you sleep.
5. Espresso will be available in multiple languages.
6. Espresso is fully customizable.
7. Espresso is completely free to use.
8. Espresso provides a 24/7 user support staff.
9. Espresso is a fully featured program with web and screen recording.

How to
1. Press Espresso from the desktop
2. Enter your email
3. Enter your first name
4. Enter your last name
5. Enter your phone number
6. Enter your complete address
7. Choose to accept the terms of service
8. If you would like, enter a message
9. Hit the Espresso button

… and your computer will stay awake!

1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to wavelength filters and, more specifically, to wavelength-selective transmission filters used in fiber optic systems.
2. Description of the Prior Art
One important application of fiber optic technology is in data transmission systems. In a typical application, an optical fiber is made of glass or plastic and is generally coated with a reflective layer to provide good coupling of light to and from the fiber. The fiber is terminated by stripping back the coating on each end of the fiber to provide access to the reflective layer and then polished to provide a flat surface. The polished end is then polished again to increase the fiber diameter at the tip to a more desirable diameter. Typically, the fiber is about 1 mm in diameter at the termination point.
An optical fiber typically comprises a central core of glass or plastic, surrounded by a glass or plastic cladding layer. In other known fiber designs, the core and cladding layers are the same glass or plastic. Light propagating in the core is unaffected by the cladding and is guided along the core. In some applications, a multi-layer coating is formed on the fiber end. The coating typically comprises multiple layers of reflective and non-reflective materials. The reflective layers reflect light propagating in the core back along the fiber, while the non-reflective layers prevent the reflection from occurring in the fiber cladding.


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