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KeyMacro allows you to easily work with sequences of macro-keys.
Using KeyMacro, you can control various functions of your Apple iMac or Apple Mac mini keyboard.
You can perform special keystroke sequences, specify certain keyboard layouts, perform complex keystroke operations such as modifiers and combos, as well as customize the keyboard’s behavior.
The various functions include control of play, stop, mute, volume, and track advance.
To enter a specific function, simply press the desired key.
You can set key modifiers and combos to customize keyboard operation.
You can also use the KeyMacro keyboard as a remote control.
Other features include:* Fast and Easy
Designed for beginners and professional keyboard operators.
Unlimited keys and macro storage.
Add, delete, edit, and customize keymapping.
Remove the need for software.
Feature rich, but simple to use.
Keyboard access across Mac OS X and Windows.
Customizable interface
Allow you to access individual keys, layouts, and configurations from one screen.
Keyboard control: Up to 18 buttons per keyboard, including 12 LEDs to indicate the button status.
Keyboard controls: Unclutter your desktop with special keys for all the usual commands.
Powerful mouse emulation: 6 buttons, move the mouse cursor where you click.
Keyboard control: The mouse cursor moves with the cursor keys.
Create and remove macros to make repetitive tasks quicker.
Use a keyboard with a touch screen to navigate, and to enter additional keystrokes.
macOS-level sleep and wake support.
Built-in keyboard layout editor.
Basic language support (English, Spanish, French).
All these will help you make your Mac keyboard a real time-saver.

Angband Game Engine is a game engine that has been designed for the Angband game.
It is based on the C++/Gtkmm/Cairo bindings and provides the user with a complete framework for the development of a gtkmm application.

Deep Sky Stacker (DSS) is a GUI for the Starry-X software for the processing of large-scale astronomical images. It can be run on any Linux distribution. It uses GIMP2.2 to perform the image processing.

MavApps is a collection of freeware applications for Mac OS X. All the applications are designed to be fast and easy to use, keeping a basic but consistent interface. They are also 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO can be used to encode/decode a file using AES256.
It supports encrypting/decrypting any file.
It can also be used to encrypt/decrypt any text.
KEYMACRO can be used to exchange secret keys with AES256.
KEYMACRO 1.0.0 is an installer. It must be uninstalled before the 2.0.0 version. The 2.0.0 version is installed as a file and therefore can be uninstalled easily.
Other versions (1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2) do not contain an installer.
The installer simply adds a shortcut to your desktop.
You can click on it to launch the KeyMACRO application.
Example usage:
1.Decrypt a file
2.Encrypt a file
3.Exchange a secret key
4.Decrypt a file
Please uncheck the “Passphrase protecting file” when encrypting a file.
You will need to provide your own passphrase to decrypt a file.
Please uncheck the “Include the resulting encrypted file in the installer” when encrypting a file.
When decrypting a file, a temporary file is created and can be deleted immediately.
The AES256 encryption uses a salt and a key.
The salt is generated when you first run the KeyMACRO application.
This is not stored anywhere.
Therefore, no matter how many times you run KeyMACRO, the same key and salt will be generated.
The key is the 128-bit key you enter in KeyMACRO.
The salt is the 16-byte binary random data.
The 64-bit random data is combined with the 128-bit key to form a 256-bit binary string.
This string is then converted to ASCII text, and the resulting text is stored in the encrypted file.
By using the same key and salt, KeyMACRO can decrypt any file encrypted with the same key and salt.
In this sense, the file is always protected by a unique key.
There is no way for the person who has the encrypted file to decrypt it.
The salt used by AES256 is only unique to that instance of KeyMACRO.
There is no way to get around this.
This is because the salt is randomly generated every time the program runs, and it is unique to that instance of KeyMACRO.

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