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ResiGo is designed to relieve you and to enable you to have more time to look after your guests.
ResiGo enables you to manage your reservations and guest register, provides you continuously with accommodation and sales statistics and facilitates your correspondence.To meet the demand for wireless data traffic having increased since deployment of 4G (4th-Generation) communication systems, efforts have been made to develop an improved 5G (5th-Generation) or pre-5G communication system. Therefore, the 5G or pre-5G communication system is also called a ‘Beyond 4G Network’ or a ‘Post LTE System’.
The 5G communication system is considered to be implemented in higher frequency (mmWave) bands, e.g., 60 GHz bands, so as to accomplish higher data rates. To decrease propagation loss of the radio waves and increase the transmission distance, the beamforming, massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), Full Dimensional MIMO (FD-MIMO), array antenna, an analog beam forming, large scale antenna techniques are discussed in 5G communication systems.
In addition, in 5G communication systems, development for system network improvement is under way based on advanced small cells, cloud Radio Access Networks (RANs), ultra-dense networks, device-to-device (D2D) communication, wireless backhaul, moving network, cooperative communication, Coordinated Multi-Points (CoMP), reception-end interference cancellation and the like.
In the 5G system, Hybrid FSK and QAM Modulation (FQAM) and sliding window superposition coding (SWSC) as an advanced coding modulation (ACM), and filter bank multi carrier (FBMC), non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), and sparse code multiple access (SCMA) as an advanced access technology have been developed.
The wireless communication system is developing to the field of 5G. Hence, in order to meet the demand for wireless data traffic, which is expected to increase significantly in the next few years, in the 5G system, efforts have been made to develop an enhanced wireless communication system in addition to the 5G system. For example, the 5G communication system, which may also be referred to as a communication system based on evolved enhanced Long Term Evolution (E3) or a communication system based on advanced long term evolution (LTE) system, is a scheme for implementing high-data-rate, machine 384a16bd22

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GS Typing Tutor is a comprehensive and user-friendly application designed to provide a professional way to learn to type faster, and familiarize yourself with the keyboard. It can also help you improve the average speed and accuracy.
Modern and straightforward interface
The app provides an interactive and multiple-form tests and exercises, while analyzing the overall performance, and pointing out with what keys you encounter difficulties. It’s wrapped in a well-structured and accessible layout divided into five distinct tabs, each with individual purposes.
When the app is launched, authentication information is required. If you have an existing profile, simply log in, however, if it’s your first time, you have to input a username and full name.
Choose the desired mode and learn new exciting tips
Additional settings can be configured right from the start, or later, from the options. Among them, you can set the writing level, typing nature (two handed, or only one), and lesson options (e.g. length of practice text and level). Plus, the screen color may be personalized, by dragging the sliders to the proper position.
The first tab lets you go through a series of courses, such as the best way to hold the hands, the posture, and essential key features. If you opt for practice mode, you can choose from four methods: finger position, 500 common words, general terms, and sentence exercises. Each one displays a virtual keyboard, a timer, three speed bars, along with accuracy, gross and error counter.
Demonstrate your skills with various games
The test section comes with four types to choose from, such as free typing, articles, jokes, and original copy, which requires the printed text to be near you. After you’re done, the results are displayed in two panels, where you can view how many mistakes you made, shown in a graphical chart.
The games are really fun and challenging. Each activity starts at a slow pace, and with each correct written term, the speed becomes faster. It’s possible to view the statistics trendline for speed and efficiency, a history with all played games, and the obtained rank, in case more people are using the program.
In conclusion
To sum it up, GS Typing Tutor is a reliable and feature-rich program that comes in handy when you want to learn how to type faster, improve the existing skills, or just have fun with stimulating games.

David M. Siegel

This Typing Tutor app is an excellent


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