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Key macro is an easy to use console application that enables you to handle all key events without even installing keyboard drivers. This is achieved by allowing you to control the keys using the keyboard itself. The utility comes with several well-written key combinations for commonly used tasks, such as copying files and executing programs.
System requirements:
Key macro supports any x86 system regardless of the keyboard type or the layout.
If you’re using a laptop, it’s a good idea to have a look at the XBOX One’s controller and the Keyboard models of some game consoles. This is because the most common keyboard is the 101-key keyboard, while others use the 104-key keyboards.
How to install:
Key macro is available as a zipped archive, which includes both a console application as well as a key configuration file. To install the console application, simply unzip the archive and double-click on the ‘Keymacro.exe’ file.
To configure the keyboard keys, first make sure you have installed the PC speaker driver. In most cases, it should work out of the box.
Next, open the configuration file and make sure you have selected your language. You can find the configuration file in the same archive, where you should also find the shortcut for the console application.
Now you’re ready to test. Go to the main menu and select ‘Test’. A new window will open on the screen and you’ll see a list of key configurations. Next, you need to select the configuration you want to be used by default. This is usually the first one you add.
The application will now be running in the background and you can test it by pressing the keys you want the console application to react to. If everything goes well, the application should display the appropriate key events.
Next, you need to save the configuration. To do this, select the ‘Save’ button from the main menu. If you want to have the configuration available across sessions, you can select the ‘Save’ button in the ‘Settings’ window.
Finally, you can close the console application and the application itself.
To finish, you can make sure you’re using the correct keyboard layout by following the instructions on the PC manufacturer’s website.
How to test multiple keyboard layouts at once:
You can create multiple configurations and run the test. For each 384a16bd22

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* This app is an open source based on **Macros**.
* It allows the user to **Choose** and **define** the source of data before execution.
* Since the use of macros is free, there are a lot of variables available (See below)
* It’s designed to be used with MS Office.
* It requires to run the Macro inside the Microsoft Office environment.
* It’s compatible with Microsoft Office 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
* If you don’t like the application, you can remove the macros from the source that will make it simpler for you to edit.
KeyMacro Tips:
* The macros are **stored in the application** folder after installing it. 
* The main folder path where you need to locate the source macros is: “Library\Application Support\KeyMacro\Macros”
* You can copy paste your macros into other formats, but it’s a must to be saved as.xml instead of.xlsm file for the Macros to run.
* The macros will be updated with new macros everytime you install the application, so you don’t have to repeat the whole process from the beginning.
* If you want to use only some macros, you need to go to “Revert” in order to uninstall only the unwanted macros.
* It’s a one-time process. 
* A new version of the application will be released every year.
* The application allows you to **Run/Stop** the macros at any time.
* When you start the application, you will need to **Choose** the first macro. 
* To start a new macro, you need to repeat the same process. 
* You can select a macro by pressing **R** in the tool window. 
* To stop a macro, you will need to **Ctrl+F9**. 
* You can **Clear** the macros by pressing **Ctrl+F9** again. 
* You can use **Mute** on a macro to **Disable** the macros. 
* The macros will be disabled permanently. 
* The macros will be **uninstalled** when the application is removed from the Microsoft Office environment. 
* There will be **no user access** to the source macros until the macros are installed. 
* All the macros will be **purged** by the uninstall


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