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Allows you to record and edit macros on Windows, such as:
-Typing, Window Switching, etc.
-Executing any program, any time you want
-Repetition of any action
-Run any program
-Do any task
-Play any files
-Stop and resume recording
-Copy the current sequence to a macro (for example: Start and stop recording the current sequence, copy the sequence to a macro)
-Check the current status of the application (You can receive information from the internet about the state of the application, such as, if the microphone is turned off)
-Edit macros and reorder the recorded sequences
-Save macros to the desktop, your hard drive, CD/DVD, other drive or to a text file.
• Drag and Drop: Drag and drop macros into the window and watch them automatically play
• Add any sequence of tasks to your current macro (work, stop recording, stop window, etc.)
• Start and stop recording a sequence of tasks
• Repeat any task as many times as you want
• Stop recording the current sequence
• Capture the current status of the application
• You can make all of these actions from any program, even from a program that’s not on your computer.
• In addition, you can stop and record any windowed program. For example, to start recording a program, press Alt + Ctrl + R
• Play any file (any file on your hard disk, your CD/DVD, your hard drive, your network, and more)
• Control whether the program you are playing is full screen or in window
• You can play the next file in the sequence without stopping the previous one. If you do not want to continue to play a previous file, you can click on the Stop button on the toolbar to stop.
• You can play and stop one file after another.
• Download videos from YouTube, and download images from image search.
• Monitor online status: You can monitor the online status of the microphone by clicking the Monitor button, by right-click.
• You can switch on and off the mic, adjust the mic volume.
• You can switch on and off the recording in a sequence of tasks
• You can edit the text, adding new macros, saving the current sequence, stopping and restarting the current sequence
• You can create your own macros or import macros from your CD/DVD.
• You can send your macro 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a lightweight, open source program, developed in the C# language, that allows to create macros in Microsoft Word.
It is intended to speed up the tedious operations (i.e. copy/paste, fill a form, etc.) that happen frequently in the Office programs, and to simplify the same boring procedures.
The program is able to recognize the most used mouse buttons, mouse cursor movements, and to record up to 250 mouse clicks. The list of selected features may be expanded up to 2,000.
Moreover, you may create macros with a few simple clicks, and the macros are stored in a special folder, so they can be retrieved at any time.
Additionally, Keymacro enables you to automate the process of creating slide shows, and in case you want to include voice recordings, a microphone is needed.
Keymacro comes with a great variety of features that can be enabled/disabled with just a few clicks, but it also enables its users to get professional, useful macros created in accordance with their needs, and to choose the color of the custom slides, as well as the positions of the custom objects.
Some of the ready-to-use slides are:
* Accounting
* Biology
* Career
* Chemistry
* Computer Network
* Geography
* History
* Math
* Mechanical
* Physics
* Psychology
* Social
* Sports
* Vocabulary
* Word
In addition, you may record your own voice, include images, fill forms, drag objects on the slides, and customize the layout.
The program also offers a range of tools, such as the ability to schedule tasks, get the list of executed macros, export macros to other Microsoft Office programs, and convert existing macros.
Lastly, Keymacro enables you to share your macro files with other people and get statistics about how many users have accessed the information contained within the specific macros.
Bottom line
Keymacro is a feature-rich application whose purpose is to make the most boring and time-consuming tasks in Microsoft Word significantly faster and easier.
In addition to the existing features, the program provides the ability to create voice recordings as well as customize slides.
Despite its drawbacks (such as poor user interface), the utility is definitely worth a try.
Some of the downsides are that the documentation is minimal, as well as the availability of detailed information about the program.
KEYMACRO Author: Team Jymic

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