KeyMacro is a simple, easy to use and very effective program that helps you get the most out of your keyboard.
It is designed to help you choose the best of the software that is available for your system, without you having to worry about what specific features your operating system supports, what language the program is written in or what Windows version you are running.
In fact, you can be sure of having a program that will work without any problems no matter whether you are using a Windows 98, 2000 or Vista machine. And this is because KeyMacro makes this quite easy for you to do. It makes sure that you get the exact version of software that is compatible with your Windows installation, so that you don’t have to worry about having to install a program that won’t work in your system.
KeyMacro gets its name from the fact that it can detect what key combinations you are using to perform specific functions, and then use these to do the same thing. For example, by using a combination of keys, you can have it open a folder, close a folder, open a program, open a program’s file manager, open a program’s file or print it.
If you like the idea of being able to use your keyboard’s keys to do more than what they are originally intended for, then KeyMacro is for you.
KeyMacro is very simple to use and easy to install. Just download it and double-click on the icon to install it. You can then use it from the program’s interface or by simply pressing the desired combination of keys and have the software do the right thing.
KeyMacro also supports multiple windows. It will let you run two programs at the same time, so you can have two different open documents in two different windows while you are doing something else. This is not something you can do with most other programs.
KeyMacro is written in C++ and it can run under Windows 98, 2000 and Windows XP, as well as under Windows Vista. It is also easy to uninstall, so you can do so at any time.
KEYMACRO Benefits:
1. Software information:
KeyMacro lists the software information in a friendly manner, making it very easy to get your hands on the exact software you need. It has a browser-like interface that you can use to find out what version of software is available for your system, what its size is, as well as what language it was written in.
KeyMacro also 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a simple and handy application that makes it easy to activate or deactivate the Mac computer keyboard buttons and function keys. Through it, you can adjust or change the default keyboard shortcuts, and change their activation/inactivation state.
It comes with over 140 keyboard shortcuts to activate in the system preferences panel. You can quickly activate applications, create various documents, launch websites, access favorite folders, and launch support applications. There is a great variety of custom shortcuts to enable you to get things done in a lot faster. The user-friendly interface is simple and easy to use, and you won’t require training to be a proficient user of this Mac keyboard shortcuts utility.
Keymacro allows the shortcuts to be locked and unlocked. You can have it on or off, and it’s your choice. Some shortcuts are customizable. For instance, you can assign keyboard buttons to carry out specific actions, such as start and stop music, and activate or deactivate the system sounds. You can save your own custom shortcuts as presets for future use.

Keymacro has a very simple interface with only a few controls. You can easily access it through the keyboard combination Ctrl + F1, F2, F3, and F4. The program is open-source, which means it can be modified by anyone. You can download and install a newer version if it suits you better.

Like all of the other Mac keyboard shortcuts tools, Keymacro is intuitive and easy-to-use. The entire process is straight-forward, with no complicated features to bother you. It can be the only application you need to activate or deactivate the keyboard shortcuts, and you can do it all using just this application.


Version 2.1.1:
– Fixed issues with the activation of the keys on the Super Key
– Fixed issue with the keys for the Mac’s Command and Option keys
– Fixed issue when displaying the keyboard shortcuts in the application menu
– Fixed some layout issues

– Support for French and German languages
– Thanks to Miklós from the community for the translation

Version 2.0.1:
– Fixed a bug where the shortcuts would not appear when not activated

Version 2.0:
– Updated the user interface. Now the shortcuts are displayed in the menu bar
– Updated the app icon
– Added support for French and German languages
– Fixed a bug where the shortcuts were being displayed

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