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KEYMACRO is a software application for translating computer key presses into music.
KEYMACRO allows you to ‘program’ a key on your keyboard, any key at any time, and translate its pressed or released state into any of the MIDI notes or channels.
It can be used to create MIDI effects, trigger a drum or cymbal with each keystroke, and even assign a specific key to play a particular instrument in your soundtrack.
Music is a major part of our lives, and yet most people are unaware of how powerful the art form can be. Music is much more than just making sounds, and with software like this it is finally possible to combine computer technologies with the ability to create a music composition from scratch.
Software and music go together hand in hand; together with the help of software like this, anyone will be able to compose amazing music.
Highlighted Features:
* High-quality sound effects
* Excellent editing capabilities
* Advanced sound sampling methods
* Full support of all MIDI formats
* Drum kits
* Cymbal beats
* Sample sound loops
* Complex modulation mapping
* Creating your own instrument from scratch
* Ready to use with all MIDI devices
* Custom mapping possibilities
* Easy use with no expert knowledge required
* Easy to use, simple interface
* In-depth manuals
* Full featured MIDI keyboard emulation
* Translator Key Programmer
* Works with all keyboard variants
* Works with Windows 7, Vista, 2000, 98SE, and XP
* No advanced sound card or software installation required
How it Works:
* As an example, we use an Yamaha DX7 synthesizer.
* We program one of the DX7’s keys, using the built-in software, to play a note on the C#4 key, or one of the other 12 keys.
* The DX7 is configured to use the midi channel 4, and has one of its preset sounds preset on note C#4.
* We then map the DX7’s key “C#4” to the piano key “C” in KEYMACRO.
* Now when we press key C on the computer keyboard, the DX7 will be pressed and produce the same musical note.
* However, this is just one of the many possibilities that KEYMACRO offers.
* We can translate any key on the computer keyboard into any MIDI note.
* We can assign a specific MIDI channel to any key 384a16bd22

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Use this macro to define a few “on/off” key mappings and a menu key for controlling Isg WaveSqueezer. This macro is an example, please feel free to use it, or modify it!
update #action{}
[#action{[#arg{text,string,default=Main Menu},#arg{val,int}]}
[#action{[#arg{text,string,default=First Page},#arg{val,int}]}
[#action{[#arg{text,string,default=Last Page},#arg{val,int}]}
[#action{[#arg{text,string,default=Next Page},#arg{val,int}]}
[#action{[#arg{text,string,default=Previous Page},#arg{val,int}]}
[#action{[#arg{text,string,default=Find Audio Type,#arg{file,string}},#arg{val,int}]}

The current version of WaveSqueezer is 3.0.1.
Below you can read the manual for version 3.0.1.
The format of the PDF manual is free for non-commercial use and is included in the Isg WaveSqueezer download.

3.0.1 Isg WaveSqueezer Manual

The Isg WaveSqueezer manual is a PDF

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