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Description: This macro is used to create or modify a program that uses the
BYTE array symbol, the ASCII symbol, or the Unicode symbol.
The macro uses VBA’s ALIGN function to determine how to specify the value
to be used for the macro.
For more information, see ALIGN.

Public Function GetModuleFileName(ByVal hProcess As Long, ByVal lpModuleFileName As String, ByVal nSize As Long) As Long
Dim lFileName As String
Dim nErr As Long
GetModuleFileName = 0
nErr = DllCall(“kernel32.dll.LoadLibraryA”, “Dword”, hProcess, “dword”, VBA.ALIGN(“string”, “kernel32.dll”, 1, 2, 3), “dword”, VBA.ALIGN(“string”, “kernel32.dll”, 1, 2, 3))
If nErr = 0 Then
If VBA.ALIGN(“string”, lpModuleFileName, 1, 2, 3) = “string” Then
nErr = DllCall(“kernel32.dll.GetModuleFileNameA”, “dword”, VBA.ALIGN(“string”, “kernel32.dll”, 1, 2, 3), “dword”, lpModuleFileName, “dword”, nSize)
GetModuleFileName = nErr
nErr = DllCall(“kernel32.dll.GetModuleFileNameW”, “dword”, VBA.ALIGN(“string”, “kernel32.dll”, 1, 2, 3), “dword”, VBA.ALIGN(“string”, “kernel32.dll”, 1, 2, 3), “dword”, lpModuleFileName, “dword”, nSize)
GetModuleFileName = nErr
End If
End If
End Function

Public Function GetModuleName(ByVal hProcess As Long, ByVal lpModuleName d82f892c90

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Plays audio files on a network, over the internet. You can use different internet browsers such as the default Microsoft Internet Explorer, or the Mozilla Firefox browser. The application can also play audio files when someone is connected to the application through the network.
The MAC address cannot be changed. It is stored in the Registry.

. When the Internet Connection is not available, the app is turned off.

Allows you to use the MAC address of a network card to add an audio file that plays on network machines.

The program can play the audio file, it can be redirected to a file or the audio can play directly on the internet.

When someone is connected to the computer, the audio file is played. You can also use the MAC address of the computer to play audio. The program can work with any audio file.

This program supports the audio files of all popular formats.

The sound is not very good when redirected to a file, but when it is played on the internet, the sound is very good.

This application is a useful tool, but it does not support all audio files.

Todays video lessons are related to other groupware applications. So when you watch these videos, please remember to practice the software.
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Cisco has released Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 2.0, a version of its enterprise client for mobile security that provides protection for organizations using unsecure wireless access points.
The new release also adds support for WPA/WPA2 Enterprise and WPA/WPA2 Personal networks, advanced
pass-through mode for WPA/WPA2 Enterprise networks, support for Virtual Private Network (VPN) devices,
a new direct tunnel feature, and other improvements.

With Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 2.0, organizations can protect their wireless networks
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Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 2.0 runs on Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 and Windows
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update 8 and 9 and any operating system.


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