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It’s incredibly easy for other programs to detect when you’re typing using AutoHotkey. Imagine you’re a script kiddie who’s abusing a simple, poorly secured forum. You’re constantly sending messages to hijack the log in credentials of other users. At the same time, you’re writing a message to delete the logs of the other users you just compromised. The forum is one of the worst offenders, since it has no specific security measures in place, and developers have neglected to provide a better way of handling this.
On top of this, you also have a couple of programs installed, and no antivirus application to help. All of a sudden, your forum is suffering from a high rate of spam messages, and you’re unable to clean them all up.
The program is designed to use AutoHotkey to automate all this for you. The script created will record all the keys being pressed in a defined area, and it will monitor the messages being posted to it. If it detects the use of a keylogger (some basic functions, like CTRL + C and CTRL + V), it will start to look for the command to delete all logs, by itself.
Should you wish to prevent this from happening, you can also create a blocklist of IP addresses, or IP ranges.
If you’re interested in having this script do all of the work for you, simply type KEYMACRO in the command line and start typing your messages. You can also configure it to record a file of what you’ve typed, and then rename it to your choice.
Sample Usage:
Input: ^f
Output: ^f
This is how the complete script would look:
ip :=
ip := Send ^c {
ip := $ip
ip := %ip%
Send {
; The following commands simply tell AutoHotkey to execute a command
; specified in the target area
Clipboard := a
FileDelete, Logs_%ip%, log
More advanced users may choose to use a filter to determine what to record.
One of the only reasons this program was developed was to provide a way for the AutoHotkey community to make it easier to do things like this, like creating your 384a16bd22

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RECOMMENDATION:Use the CSV Export functionality to generate the CSV files. This will avoid any data corruption.

I am unable to export the CSV file using the CRM API. It says “Status of your request is Failed: Invalid Input”
Is there any other method to export the CSV file? I don’t want to use the CRM Bulk Security Role Manager.
Please help me.


The CSV export is not currently available in the CRM API. We are working on it.
We can see this in the backlog under Customization features. It was a top customer request.

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