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At it’s core, KEYMACRO is a keyboard shortcut application that makes using the keyboard faster and more intuitive for your Mac. It allows you to remap almost any keyboard shortcut to any application, website, or command. So you can make life easier for yourself or your users by letting them use the keyboard shortcuts more effectively.
KEYMACRO supports:
■ Over 4,000 applications
■ Right to left languages, like Hebrew and Arabic
■ Functions for controlling individual functions in any application
■ Browser plugins
■ Web shortcuts
■ Internet shortcuts
■ Clipboard shortcuts
■ Menus and toolbars shortcuts
■ Application toolbar shortcuts
■ Hot keys
■ Full screen mode
■ Fast browsing
■ Cursor movement
■ Full screen controls
■ Pin/unpin shortcuts
■ All languages support (English, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese)
You can write your own shortcut codes.
The type of shortcut you want to use is already set in the application.
You don’t need any previous knowledge to learn to use KEYMACRO.
You can have as many shortcuts as you want.
KEYMACRO Features:
Keyboard remapping.
Easy to use interface.
Fully customizable.
Customize keyboard shortcuts for your application, browser, web site, or clipboard.
Make changes in a few seconds.
Support all Windows/Mac operating systems.
Application shortcuts can be set from within the program.
Fully customizable.
Basic keyboard shortcuts:
■ File, Edit, Tools, View, Help
■ Open, Save, Cut, Paste, Select All
■ Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, Cut
■ Select Next Tab, Select Previous Tab
■ Scroll Up, Scroll Down
■ Open Folder
■ Go to Window
■ Go to Full Screen Mode
■ Go to Undo Mode
■ Close Window
■ Go to Previous Tab
■ Go to Next Tab
■ Go to Backward Tab
■ Go to Forward Tab
■ Reload (Page)
■ Go to First Page
■ Go to Last Page
■ Go to Bookmark
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MAC addresses and MAC accounts that are used as a key for authentication purposes.
DNSSERVER Description:
A name server returns a list of records about the IP addresses and host names available on the Internet. It is used by many applications, including web browsers and mail readers, to translate between addresses and host names.
AT-LLSC Description:
Asynchronous Transfer-Level Link State Routing Protocol. The routing protocol is used in automatic discovery, neighbor discovery, and routing in an area called an Autonomous System. A node adds a LLSC link state description to its BGP table to advertise its network reachability. LLSC is an IGP protocol.
ARP Description:
Address Resolution Protocol. It is used to discover the IP address of a host on a LAN. A packet sent to an unknown address will be sent to every router on the LAN. Routers that receive the packet will look in their ARP table for the requested IP address.
FULL-DUP Description:
Fully Duplicate Address Detection. This address format contains 16 bits for the destination address and 16 bits for the source address. There is a specified format for the source and destination addresses.
DSCP-MARK Description:
This is used to mark packets with the values of DSCP values specified in a field called TE (Traffic Encapsulation)
DNS Description:
Domain Name System. It is a name service that translates host names into IP addresses. The Domain Name System is the foundation of the Internet.
DHCP Description:
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is a protocol for assigning Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and default gateway router addresses to hosts dynamically.
BOOTP Description:
Bootstrap Protocol. It is a protocol that provides the host operating system with the information it needs to successfully start.
TFTP Description:
Trivial File Transfer Protocol. This protocol is used for server to server data transfers. The client transmits a file request to the server, and the server replies with the location of the file.
DNS-SD Description:
DNS Security Description. It adds security features to DNS. In addition, it supports multiple DNS servers and multiple DNS servers per zone.
RARP Description:
Reverse Address Resolution Protocol. This is used to discover the IP address of a host on a LAN. Routers will use RARP to discover a host’s IP address.
LILO Description:
LILO is a boot loader


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