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This icon set will be very useful to people who have multiple icon sources. It can be used for a variety of things like a desktop, application, folder, and Internet browser buttons. The set contains “clean” icons that are well made, detailed, and work very well with a variety of colors and looks.
Pure Includes:
61 ICO 256×256 Icons

Hi Guys
This is Tohid Reza. I am a graphic designer from Toronto Canada. I have done many projects
in the past. I have been working with many different types of custom icons. You can
see from the preview all my previous projects and works. I hope you like it. Feel free to
contact me for any requests or inquiry.
I am willing to put some of my best work in this icon pack. So if you are looking for the
best icons with unique artworks feel free to choose from my icon pack. I am also willing to
add more icons, I will deliver them in the next version.
Thank you.

PPS: This package can be use with iconpackager. Look at the preview. Feel free to send me a request if you need icons. I am now updating my icon pack with more icons. This is my first icon pack. So please give me some feedback. Thank you.

Here are my other packs:
– Icon pack with 5×5, 16×16, 48×48, 256×256, 512×512 and 64×64 icons
– Icon pack with desktop, contact, internet browser, personal, file, open and folder
– Icon pack with office, word, powerpoint, excel and paint
– Icon pack with calculator, timer, alarm, lunch, calculator and clock
– Icon pack with desktop, network and 3D desktop
– Icon pack with music player, photo editor, app switcher, audio player and video player

Package name: Pure-icon

Latest version: 1.1

P.S. : You can easily download my other icons using iconpackager.

Please rate if you enjoy the icon pack.
I will appreciate it.
Thank you.

Note: The other icons are for another purpose, not for this icon pack.


Preview is not a preview of the icons pack.
It is a picture of what each icon look like.

Note: If you like the eea19f52d2

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If you’re a seasoned audio software user and would like to apply some specific audio processing to your audio signals, Spectrum Lab offers a couple of ready-to-use filters.
Such filters can be applied to a single channel or to an entire sequence of samples, as well as to digital audio and IMA4 media files.
Among the filters included in Spectrum Lab, we can find the FFT filter and I/Q processing, which are used to perform a spectrogram analysis on the received signal, a noise reduction feature, and a signal detection module.
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The operating system the program