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MySQL – How to get ids from 1 table, but need to return the “or” statement

I have a simple query which returns a list of users. This works fine:

However, I need to only show users if their assigned_to or assigned_to_id is NOT equal to 1.
How do I write this? I tried the following:
SELECT * FROM user WHERE user.assigned_to!= 1

But I get a syntax error.


This is called “NOT in” in SQL
SELECT * FROM user WHERE user.assigned_to NOT IN (1)

Theft of property from occupied, unattended vehicles in Florida continues to rise, despite aggressive police work. According to the latest Florida Department of Law Enforcement, statistics show that during the 2013 calendar year, there were 6.4 reported property crimes for every 1,000 residents.

A noticeable trend was seen throughout 2013, with an increase of property crimes committed from September to November. The 4.3 percent increase was attributed to a “seasonal effect,” the Department of Law Enforcement said.

“We believe that the uptick in property crime last month is the result of a cyclical upswing in this type of crime,” said David Abrams, executive director of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Office of Law Enforcement, in a written statement. “Property crimes increase during the holiday season, but it is usually a gradual increase over the course of the year.”

The numbers also showed that while property crimes had been decreasing for the previous five years, they started rising in the third quarter of 2013.

In the 12 months that ended Aug. 31, 2013, there were 5,987 property crimes committed statewide. As of Dec. eea19f52d2

Movie Maker is a tool with a title that pretty much explains its functionality – it allows you to merge several video files of various formats, including AVI, MOV, WMV, VOB, RM, MP4 and FLV. Add at least two items to the operation The interface of the application is plain and simple. Movie Maker can be easily used by novices, since it comes with limited options. So, you can import videos by using the file browser only, since the “drag and drop” method is not supported. Unfortunately, you cannot merge more than 5 videos in the unregistered version. In the list you can check out the name, resolution and size, as well as audio and video bitrate of each file. Furthermore, you can move items up and down in the list, remove a video, as well as sort the file list alphabetically. Define the parameters of the output video In the “Options” area you can enable Movie Maker to show the result, delete files or clear the file list once all the tasks are done, as well as disable the option to sort clips alphabetically and enable to always transcode. If the file extensions differ, then you can convert them, as well as select the resolution and sampling rate, along with audio and video bit rate. Movie Maker uses a moderate amount of system resources and quickly finishes a conversion job. In conclusion On the other hand, it’s more likely that you will have more failures than successes on your hand, since Movie Maker needs two or more videos with identical values in sample rate, bit rate, and so on. We strongly recommend you look for something more advanced.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a professional tool for editing video and audio files. It supports editing any format of video and audio files and supports multi-track editing. It works both on Windows and Mac OS, and allows users to edit both original and supplied content and also adding effects and transition. The program works with a wide range of formats, including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, MKV, H.264, FLV, and more.
Edit any type of video and audio
All formats can be edited within Premiere Pro, including original content and supplied video and audio files. In order to meet the demands of users, Premiere Pro comes with a wide range of tools for all purposes of the editing process. Users can trim, crop, add special effects and transition, and even add subtitles or titles for audio and video.
Split the timeline