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Trends and Latest Headlines Aggregator
As far as news handling is concerned, it provides users with a simple and yet efficient way of digging up the latest breaking news and headlines. Sorting, follow-up and online sources are bundled into a single module for a meaningful package.
This helpful application will help people to search newsgroups related to the users’ preferences and monitor the latest breaking news, from which they can make a choice, depending on their requirements.
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Pepsin secretion from the gastric mucosa of a monogastric mammal in short-circuit current recordings.
Secretion of pepsin from the gastric mucosa was studied by means of intragastric administration of 0.1 N NH4Cl from channels implanted in rat stomachs for 4 weeks. Concentration gradients between stomach lumen and intragastric solution with or without alpha-amylase activity were prevented by subtilisin and peps