ABCJ [Mac/Win]

ABCJ is a pure-Java editor, player and librarian for music files stored using Chris Walshaw’s ABC notation.
ABCJ was mainly created for personal use for managing a large collection of tunes, therefore some ABC features are not present.







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ABCJ is a music editor which allow you to edit, play and organize musical ABC files.
ABCJ is also a MP3 player (for audio-only files), a music librarian and a source for other programs.

ABCJ Features:
*Organize music in any way you want with your choice of sorting (ABCS, ZXS, ABOVE etc…) and favorite folders.
*Use external search and play with your favorite editor.
*Load in the background when you launch it from system tray, wake your PC on-the-fly and update songs without closing application.
*Supports many file formats including ascii, musical-tab and extensible via plugin.
*Play by simply dragging and dropping music to the player window.
*Organize music with quick access to favorites, music categories, index, tags, covers, artist/composers etc.
*Play full file format ABC files.
*Library manager for music playback and organize playlists.
*Edit ABC files with all music features and library features.
*Export/import all music files formats with correct tags and music notes.
*Notes editor with guitar, banjo, clarinet, flute and saxophone support.
*Create new/save as playlists and playlists by artist/composer/etc.
*Dump playlists to ascii.
*Create playlists from file by adding, deleting and inserting songs.
*Create playlists from playlist.
*Create playlists from collection and music categories.
*Create and delete playlists by using any media player.
*Import playlists from many media players.
*Play music using MIDI files.
*Can play ascii and music files in the same ABCJ session.
*VOCALOID support for vocals embedded in music files.
*Support MIDI mapping.
*Supports external playlists and playlists by using external editors.
*Support global hotkey for music file navigation.
*Supports custom lids and covers for your music files.
*Supports standard music notation and tablature.
*Supports custom music notation and tablature.
*Supports ABC formatting.
*Supports audio streaming for MP3s and WAVs.
*Supports external song storage.
*Supports external MIDI mapping.
*Supports external hardware synthesizers.
*Supports music


Ctrl+A: Save current file.
Ctrl+C: Copy line to clipboard.
Ctrl+D: Delete current line.
Ctrl+E: Copy to end of current line.
Ctrl+F: Paste from clipboard.
Ctrl+G: Go to given line in track.
Ctrl+I: Close file.
Ctrl+L: Load file.
Ctrl+O: Save file.
Ctrl+P: Display current position of player.
Ctrl+Q: Stop the player.
Ctrl+R: Reload the player.
Ctrl+S: Show song title and artist.
Ctrl+T: Go to beginning of current track.
Ctrl+U: Go to end of current track.
Ctrl+W: Search for a music file in current directory.
Ctrl+X: Cut line to clipboard.
Ctrl+Y: Paste from clipboard.
Ctrl+Z: Clear selection.
Ctrl+1: Move to first note.
Ctrl+2: Move to second note.
Ctrl+3: Move to third note.
Ctrl+4: Move to fourth note.
Ctrl+5: Move to fifth note.
Ctrl+6: Move to sixth note.
Ctrl+7: Move to seventh note.
Ctrl+8: Move to eighth note.
Ctrl+9: Move to ninth note.
Ctrl+0: Move to tenth note.
Ctrl+/: Next octave.
Ctrl+=: Next octave+1.
Ctrl=: Next octave-1.
Ctrl+-: Previous octave.
Ctrl-;: Previous octave+1.
Ctrl-+: Previous octave-1.
Ctrl\.: Esc

To build ABCJ Crack Keygen, you’ll need to have JRE 1.5.0 installed.
The syntax for the project is described in the ReadMe file.

The ABC file format is:

%%% ABC Jukebox Library Format v1.2.0 %%%
%%% Author(s) Chris Walshaw
%%% Email
%%% Created at 14th February 2001
%%% Created for Cooma
%%% 0. Musical

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Quick overview:


* files
* files
* Librarian / library manipulation
* Unlimited Undo
* Transposable music notes
* Clickable notes
* Music notation engine
* Scale manager
* Score editor
* ABC editor
* Keyboard shortcuts
* Support for special characters and instruments
* Search capabilities
* Undo and redo
* Menu shortcuts
* View / save / restore layout
* ABC editor

Release notes

* – July 10, 2009
– First stable release

* – April 11, 2009
– Initial release, created to be a distribution of the archive of all my tunes

Appearing in magazines

* ‘Playing the Object-Oriented Guitar’ by M. Kowalaski


See also:

* ABC (Andrew) – the original ABC notation

* Chris Walshaw – Sounder 2.4.0

* Chris Walshaw – BBC VJ plugin








ABCJ is Free Software, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License,
version 3.

Since v1.0.0.0 ABCJ is also available under a closed-source licence, the GNU
General Public License, version 3.

For full details see the file LICENSE in the repository.

ABCJ is copyright (c) 2009 Chris Walshaw.

ABCJ is distributed

What’s New in the?

** Abijeko **
The program’s home page is:
It is the successor of JABC (JABC 2.0), released in 2004.

** Abijeko Alpha **
The program’s alpha version, was released in 2006, and became available from Sourceforge as an independent download. It was also released in a compiled distribution for installation on Windows.

** Abijeko Beta **
The program’s beta version, was released in 2010, and included a portable version for installation on Mac OS X.

** Abijeko Final**
The program’s final version, available as an independent download from SourceForge.

** Abijeko Player **
The program’s player, released as an independent download from SourceForge.


** How to install Abijeko? **
Abijeko can be installed on all major desktop operating systems, by:

– downloading the source code from SourceForge;

– building and installing the source code by using the specified commands;

– or by downloading the pre-compiled binaries available from the SourceForge web page.

The pre-compiled binaries can be easily installed on all major desktop operating systems, by following the next steps:

1. Install Java, if not already installed;

2. Download the pre-compiled or archive;

3. Unzip the downloaded archive and copy its contents to your desktop;

4. Install Abijeko Player on your desktop.

Installation instructions for other platforms will be made available in the next versions.

** How to install and use Abijeko? **
To install and use Abijeko, you must:

1. Prepare a disk with a directory named “A”, into which all your music files will be saved;

2. Transfer the music files to the directory “A”.

Known bugs and suggestions:

** Bugs reported **
If you find any bug or problem, and you are not satisfied by the feedback provided by the program’s main website, you can:

1. Report the bug or problem by sending e-mail to: .

2. Report the bug or problem to me by sending e-mail to: .

Optional installations:

** Abijeko Player **
The Abijeko Player is a command-line player. It allows to play tunes stored in the directory “A”.

** Not currently supported: **

** Abijeko librarian

System Requirements For ABCJ:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit) CPU: Intel Core i3 – i7
Intel Core i3 – i7 RAM: 4 GB
4 GB HDD: 20 GB
20 GB GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
Nvidia GTX 750 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Please Note: The list is not the full list of hardware requirements.
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