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This article will describe the use of automated features in AutoCAD. These features are, in particular, useful when used in combination with one another. You can learn how to use and implement a single automated feature, but their usefulness lies in using multiple automated features at once, especially for a more professional use of AutoCAD.

How to add an annotation to an object

If you draw a line on an object using the Line command in the drawing area, and then you want to add an annotation to that line, you first need to activate the [Toolbox] menu and go to the [Annotation] option.

Figure 1-1. Annotation tools menu options

When the [Annotation] menu appears, you will see a few menu options:


This option is not displayed in the [Annotation] menu on mobile devices and allows you to edit the currently selected annotation.


This option allows you to see the selection you have already made.


This option allows you to add another annotation to the existing one.


This option allows you to delete the currently selected annotation.


This option allows you to clear the currently selected annotation.

Use Line with Annotation

This option allows you to use the Line command to create the annotated line. This command, if used, automatically adds the annotation to the created line.

Figure 1-2. Add Annotation tool

Now that you know how to add an annotation to an object, we will see how you can select objects and then add the same annotation to these objects.

How to add an annotation to selected objects in AutoCAD

To select objects in the drawing area, press and hold the Ctrl key and click on the objects you want to select.

Figure 1-3. Selecting objects using the Ctrl key

After you have selected the objects you want to annotate, you can click on the [Annotation] menu and select [Add Annotation] from the [Annotation] menu options (see the previous section, “How to add an annotation to an object”). This will add the same annotation to all selected objects.

Figure 1-4. Selecting objects and adding an annotation to these objects

You can also select multiple objects and then use the [Annotation] menu options to add the same annotation to all the selected

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Run time information is stored in registry or on the hard disk.
Settings information is stored in the registry.
Data is stored in the registry or the hard disk.
The ribbon in the user interface is stored in the registry.

Information on the properties and limits of the tools, data and other elements can be found in the on-line Help.

Comparison of AutoCAD Serial Key-based applications
All listed products are AutoCAD-based products and only listed if they are commercially available.

Note: This table is for comparison purposes only.

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What’s New in the?

PDF2DWG with internal and external references:

Your PDFs can be cut and pasted into DWG files. Share files with other users to import, annotate and comment on the designs they created. Add parts and assemblies to their creations with rich file references.


Save your work to the cloud with FileManager, or open and manage existing models in your Dropbox. Work quickly with existing projects and teams.

Drafting and collaboration:

Go mobile with the native mobile app, now available on Android and iOS.

Team collaboration features:

No more waiting for approval. Share designs and edits in seconds and check in online.

Tag sequences:

More precisely control key frames of animation and key actions in your drawings. Learn more.

Advanced tags:

Tag sequences support over 100 more tags, and optional tags now can be created.

Use the cube tool to select colors:

Colors are selected and matched automatically across entire drawings.

Hardware and software compatibility:

Compatibility with Windows 10:

We heard you. Windows 10 isn’t always the best experience. We’ve made AutoCAD natively compatible with Windows 10, so you can continue using the same software and experience that you’ve grown to love.

USB 3.0 support:

We know you still like to share your designs with others. USB 3.0 lets you easily transfer big files to a flash drive, saving you the hassle of burning files or using slower internet connections.

Extend your drawing size:

With AutoCAD 2023, you can create larger designs. Stretch your creativity by drawing up to 10 million 2D or 3D objects and create up to 30 million 2D and 3D annotations in one drawing, no matter the size of your computer.

AutoCAD Web App for Windows:

Now you can take your drawings with you. Keep working on your design even when you’re on the go with the updated AutoCAD Web App.

AutoCADWeb App for Mac:

The next generation of the Web App comes to you. Create, edit and manage your designs with the Windows- and Android-compatible AutoCADWeb App.

Check out the next generation of AutoCAD, now live! Learn more in the AutoCAD

System Requirements:

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– Sony PlayStation 3® (PS3™)
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– NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M graphics card with 2GB of RAM
– Main display resolution 1,920×1,080
– Main display refresh rate 60Hz
– Minimum system requirements: PC version
* Please run the game at your monitor’s optimal resolution, otherwise

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