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The key below describes the categories and factors that were considered in the evaluation of each firm.n 247; 1 NAEYC 58: Headquarters and USA; 10930; 55 NAEYC 3: BA; 384; 2. NAEDORC 9: RUSSIA; 2835; 87 NAEFO 29: Customers; 2509; 85 NAFISG 13: OPEC; 2000; one . nAEIFO 30: India; 2922; 91nAEFM.17: Buyers; 2104; 23 nAEEZ 1: Targets; 2113; 32 nAFO 2: Consumers; 2667; 86 NAFROG 11: Asian consumers; 1110; 66 nAFK 1: USA; 1126; 58 nAEKP 1: EU; 1624; 32 NAKOI 1: Asia; 1 120; 25 nKOAI 1 TransCreditBank, subsidiary; 1411; 21 Russian Federation; 0 n: Coupon yield; 0 2n: FIB; 0
* Explanations: n – GBP index (the company’s currency conversion system), nAECA / NDD as the basis for calculations, PFP – interest payments, 10 – maximum creditworthiness according to the Bloomberg classification (not reflected in the diploma).
The managers of Freedom Finance Investment Company used three variables to evaluate potential investors:
1. The factor of the proximity of goals.
2. Factors of proximity of relations to suppliers.
2b: The main partners of the bank.
3. Factor of proximity to the market.
4. Factor examination.
5. Factor analysis.
The analysis based on the goals and interests of investors was carried out taking into account the materiality of the influence on the purchase decision of any factors. “None of the investors interviewed in the course of the study noted that a factor in the type of company could have influenced their decision. As you know, an investor buys based on an analysis of the competitive strengths of the company, and not its value, ”the report “Equity Capital Valuation Technologies” notes.
The main mechanism for evaluating companies participating in an open tender was the factors of proximity to the supplier. The results are most correlated with EBITDA and net income estimates



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