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Ht F4500 Dlna Software Download !!BETTER!! 🧤

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Ht F4500 Dlna Software Download

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Git + Jenkins: handle multiple build

I’m currently trying to get gitlab CI (Gitlab) working with Jenkins, which is now part of the Gitlab-CI installation.
I got Jenkins configured and working, but have a problem with multiple build per commit (cf. gitlab issue).
The master has a simple job to run a shellscript, which was fine so far. But when running the job I now noticed that multiple build tries are generated for the same git push…
The manual ( says that the settings i should use are:

If you are using “per-fork” jobs, the master must have an unlimited number of concurrent builds.
If you are using “per-job” build, the master must have a number of
concurrent builds equal to the limit you configure for the job.

I configured this in the Jenkins UI as described in the Gitlab-doc, but it seems that it does not work correctly, which leads me to the question if the documentation is outdated or i’m doing something wrong.
Here is a screenshot for my configuration:

Shouldn’t the merge-sceenshot handle all builds for the same commit with all nodes in parallel?


This is, indeed, a documentation bug. And it’s likely to remain that way for a while because the docs aren’t using a CI-style approach.
When you add the user in the Merge Project build settings, the user is added to the job, but the name isn’t used. The email name is used instead.
A CI-style approach would be to add a new job to the merge project for each CI run.
Given how simple this is, you’ll want to submit a feature request for docs to fix this.


I suggest you to do as following:

create a build job with similar name for each commit

create the build job ‘build’.

create a merge project with the name build.

go to merge project settings, in the branch selector click on the ‘+’ (+) button for the project you created in previous step.

Now you will see a

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