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Download YOU DON’T KNOW JACK APK 1.2.2 for Android (you-don-t-know-jack.apk). You don’t know jack is a free and awesome Trivia game.National Library of Malta

The National Library of Malta (, Bibliotika Nazzjonali ta’ Malta) is the national library of Malta. It was founded in 1876.

The library is divided into various collections. The main collections are those of the local history and literature, of the National Archives and of the British Library. There are also museums, private collections of documents, special collections, and a working library.

The library provides services, including books and other publications, modern research services (photocopying, computer services, modem and fax services), ILL, interlibrary loan, lending of electronic resources and resource and technical instruction. It is a member of the International Association of National and Historical Libraries (IANHLS), the World Commission on Archives, the European Library Consortium and the European Book Archives.

The library is open to visitors on Monday through Saturday.

The building of the library was designed by Alfred Vincent Coles.


External links

Official website of the library

Category:Libraries in Malta
Category:History of Malta
Category:Organisations based in Valletta
Category:Kabataş, Malta
Category:1876 establishments in Malta
Category:Library buildings completed in 1876 Read More

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Processing macro named (name) works in template but not in main function

I’m using the following basic structure to process a line in a text file:
unsigned int var;
if(a == var)
//do stuff

This line will work perfectly fine in a template function:
file.readLine()[0] == ‘unsigned int’;

However, in the main function, the expression will not compile, stating:
error C2660: ‘var’ : ambiguous function

Is there a different syntax for template functions that is different from the main function?
I should also note that the file.readLine()[0] will change depending on the file I’m trying to process.


The name var is a macro, and in the main function it is expanded to the name of the symbol that was present at file time. This is the same name as the symbol that was defined in the header, and which was used to declare the variable. You can see this by simply adding the double curly braces:

unsigned int a;

void tmpl(T (&var)[2])

unsigned int a;

void tmpl(std::vector& var)

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