Samurai Champloo 1080p Dual Audio Torrent

Samurai Champloo 1080p Dual Audio Torrent

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Samurai Champloo 1080p Dual Audio Torrent

anyways, back to the issue of the subtitles. when i went through the 5.1 soundtrack, i noticed the track did not match up to any of the voices in the picture. i only double checked the male voice, but i was able to find a match for the female voices.

that brought them to their final size. note that i also removed id3 tags, removed any other data that could be considered private, and made sure the flac metadata matches. i did the entire process in ffmpeg. i did hard-links of the files to make the output as small as possible.

i do not know if there’s any difference between the audio tracks on the u.s. and japanese blu-rays, but when i converted the japanese blu-rays, my first test was to compare the english and japanese subtitles to see if there were differences. i had no problems with the subtitles and the translations were all pretty good. i used that as the guide of what i should use for the audio.

this script downloads the videos, audio, and subtitles from the internet and creates the blu-rays. i use it because it lets me set the locations for the files, format for the blu-rays, and allows the creation of non-english sources (e.g., japanese-only/no english title), etc. its a little clunky, but it lets me do stuff that i can do manually and also do it faster than manual.

i made it modify the destination directories if the subtitles weren’t in the directories i specified. i make one directory for each release to store all the files in. it doesn’t merge anything, so if you have multiple bittorrent files available, it’ll create multiple filenames. i used a hard-link to keep the output as small as possible.

as a side note, there were a number of areas where i had to guess on the english lyrics. aside from the ones i listed above, there were also a number of lines that i assumed from the subtitles from the nc-complete and luna movie torrents. there were also a few lines that the subtitles where i assume is the same as the one in the disc, but i dont know what the original line is. (for example, the sign that says “welcome home” in the dvd is “welcome to home” in english).
edit: i should mention this is the raw audio i got so no mixing or processing was done on it (there was a bit of normalizing to 2.0 levels). i did check the youtube version of it and it seemed to be a bit higher bitrate than the 1080p blu-ray. i dont know if this matters to those who import non-720p xvid movies, but it does to me as it makes a more consistent experience when watching the movies on my pc and my note 3.
the video quality on the 720p blu-ray is pretty good, unlike the video i downloaded in hd for the dvd. the 480p version of the blu-ray, however, is really annoying. unlike the previous edition, i uploaded the 480p as the default for a change.
the disc was released december 1st, but they just started selling the pre-order blu-rays in october, so here it is a month later in the release schedule. the title has since been re-released with the subtitle track like past releases, including the one i have now posted.
theres several subtitles to choose from (the european disc has only one, though). i thought i would use the one from the u.s. release. i also looked through several from the video and found two that had a better option for the voice track. (i also compared the male voice from the u. to the male actor sync movie subtitle track, but the voice track was much better quality.)

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