Slap Bass VSTi AU AAX V2.2 MAC WiN 🟤

Slap Bass VSTi AU AAX V2.2 MAC WiN 🟤

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Slap Bass VSTi AU AAX V2.2 MAC WiN

the initial sample taken was the first bass in the recording, which was recorded through a hi-fi marshall 1014 combo amplifier and an fender twin reverb amplifier. the initial samples were recorded with the strings on the fingerboard and had a very clear and open sound, and yet it still had some really nice and tight harmonics. the sample was then replayed into a boss gt-10 and another amp and recorded with the strings still on the fingerboard. then the strings were replaced with a typical bass string set and recorded with a two-mic system. this allowed me to capture some of the classic room sounds.

the first bass is a vintage marshall combo amp, the second is a fender twin reverb. the sample was not as clear or open as the first sample, but it still had some nice and tight harmonics, while still retaining the bright and powerful sound of a real bass.

the first samples were recorded through a classic fender combo amp, and were fairly clear, but lacked many harmonics. the second sample was recorded with the double basses on the fingerboard and had a very clear and open sound, but still had some really nice and tight harmonics. the third sample was recorded through a boss gt-10 and an fender twin reverb. the first sample was still clear and open, but did not have many harmonics.

bass strings were periodically cleaned with denatured alcohol, as the metallic hi-beam sound tends to darken rather quickly. pains were taken to ensure that the transition in tone between strings was minimized by selecting the best places to start sampling a new string. one octave of harmonics was achieved by selecting the best harmonic tones and tuning/detuning strings around these notes, thus it would be impossible to recreate these harmonics on a standard-tuned bass, but they do sound cool.

modo bass comes with over 100 bass patches that you can import and apply to the bass. its also possible to make your own presets and save them for later use. the patches work in unison with modo bass and let you record a bass performance, tweak the instrument in real-time, use the sequencer to sequence drum patterns, control effects, or start and stop the recording. the bass patches can be played in any combination of four different modes, any of which can be used as a starting point to play more complex bass lines.
its easy to see why modo bass is one of the most popular instruments in the modo bass collection. with modo bass, you can become a bass performer with nothing more than your computer, your keyboard and a bass.
modo bass is a one-of-a-kind instrument that is a pleasure to work with. everything from the default settings to the presets is designed to ensure that you have the best experience possible. some of the features include:
do you want to try out the bass and get its unique sound? then this bass is for you. the bass includes two samples of the basses d string. samples were taken from a fender jazz electric bass guitar with carvin j99 pickups and dr hi-beam bass strings directly into a radial pro48 di box. an extended range was obtained by tuning the e-string all the way down to a c. the low b (b0) of a standard 5-string bass was omitted magesy download down-tuning. slap and pop articulations were carefully and meticulously recorded for each note, although in the extreme upper range of the bass, magesy download down-tuning. regular notes were recorded with a guitar pick, in order to maintain a semi-percussive and metallic sound.

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