Starting Point Hayao Miyazaki.pdf REPACK 🤟🏿

Starting Point Hayao Miyazaki.pdf REPACK 🤟🏿


Starting Point Hayao Miyazaki.pdf

An essay collection, the first in a pair, on Miyzaki’s life and work.Filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki has for decades been Japan’s best-known animator, and his films have topped the box office for decades. Yet in his own publication he has largely kept quiet about his life since his childhood, until now. Looking back on his remarkable career, he draws on his own experiences, his thoughts on animation and his desire to see children dream. From 1975 to 1980, he worked on Hollywood’s animated department; from 1980 he returned to Japan to found Studio Ghibli, the world’s oldest and most successful animation studio. On the 50th anniversary of his first film, Miyazaki tells the story of the way he became an animation creator and deals with the obstacles he faced. This book combines a personal account with an insightful examination of his work.

Introduction to the Essay Collection features an essay on Hayao Miyazaki by Frederik L. Schodt, on the 50th anniversary of The Wind Rises and Miyazaki’s return to a screenwriter, Kyoko Miyazaki. As a collection of original essays, interviews and images, Starting Point is a respectably grownup alternative to the earlier work of Hayao Miyazaki press books. The essays, and interviews in particular, are a cross between a memoir, an interview, and a reflection on the two decades since Miyazaki caused a stir in the animation industry and been exposed to a wider audience.

Hayao Miyazaki Animation Studio was founded in 1981 by animator and filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, the sole principal of the studio. As the only wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyoohki Corporation, Hayao Miyazaki Animation Studio has its own in-house animation department. The studio is based in Tokyo’s Tokyo Metropolis, in the neighborhood of Ikebukuro. Studio Ghibli.


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